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We are a band of creatives who are passionate in discovering stories worth unfolding. Let us capture the heart of yours and retell it through a handcrafted film that is as equally unique.

Nico Poblete

Creative Director | Founding Member

My fascination with videography began at an early age. Growing up, I’ve always been drawn to creative projects, which led to my interest in filmmaking. Soon enough, I found myself behind a camera, documenting memories and sharing them online. I didn’t expect it to become a career, but it turned into a serious hobby that led me into film school. From there, I encountered many opportunities to create films for weddings, commercials, and corporations. My education and experience provided me with the technical skills that I needed, but it has always been the people I've met along with their stories that have given me the drive to reach higher levels of creativity. I may not be producing Hollywood blockbusters, but I know that I can create comparable films to make a more focused impact on the people whose stories have yet to be told.

Kristian magtanong

Co-Founder | Cinematographer

Like many artists, I got into film production later in life. I was set to have a career in the medical field but in the process, I realized that it was not the life for me. I have always loved cameras. I documented anything and everything that interest me. It didn’t occur to me that I could make a career out of it until I was asked by a friend to film his daughter’s 18th birthday party. The response I received for my work was overwhelming. My sense of accomplishment from this made me realize that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I set out to create more and learned that techniques and videography equipment do nothing unless I create a story. Through my creations, I hope to give people memories that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Let us tell your next story.


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